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Catster Community Features to Remain.

New post at Catster:

Short version: Community features will be hosted somewhere and keep going, but the individual pet pages etc. appear to still be in limbo.

Keep the pressure on folks! :) See yesterday's post about contact info to send support for this decision.

Feb. 10th, 2014

We like to thank everybody for signing, but, we need all a lot, a lot more signatures. So Please remind your Catster/Dogster furry friends that it only takes a couple of minutes to sign this(Google auto fill should work on this petition) and it could only help, not hurt our cause. Also, daddy has signed a few petitions which did make a difference, and the companies change their mind. So, it could work for us, we just need to get more signatures. Besides emailing it to the CEO. Daddy also you going to print and fax it to CEO if he can get the fax number or print and mail it to the VP of the Chicago branch of say media, or more than likely both. There are more than 100 people on Catsters and Dogster's, so let's show say media how much we care about our club by filling up this petition and beating the last one that we all signed. When Casters pawmailed me back, the did mention about a reprieve or getting sold, so, we still have hope, not much, but some.

The link to the new petition:

Help SAVE Catster/Dogster

Copy and paste and pass to your friends:

Was emailed this link, it looks like Ted is trying to get our pages archived in full. Here is the link for it.

Archive our pages

archive our pages

Paste and Copy
Only one. But, when I read this post: by SAY media VP John Vars, one of the original developers of Catster, I was annoyed enough to do something.

So you're reading this entry in this community.

But, I am only 1 person, with 4 cats and various other pets and responsibilities. We're here under the partial SPAM!Protection of LiveJournal to make staying connected, remembering our departed cats, and being better carers for the ones we have somewhat easier. It's still going to be a lot of work if this community is to become, even for just a few members, what Catster has decided it's too expensive to be any longer.

Calm, logical, organized and cat-knowledgeable moderators and maintainers are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. I can't give you Zealies or send you kitty treats, but I can at least (I hope!) get the ball rolling on a place where cat lovers can be cat lovers, "expenses" be damned.

That said, this community is sponsored, which means there will be visible ads. I can't pay the $25 to make them go away for a year just now. There is blocking software available, and I will do my level best to keep offensive or conflict-stirring ones away from us. Moderation settings are rather high to keep SPAM!Bots out. If you hear of a Catster Refugee having trouble joining us, please message me directly through the link in my 'business card' as you hover over Tie Dye's picture above.

In closing, Welcome. Say Media is closing a door; I'm opening a window so we can hopefully still enjoy our sun puddles. Please, invite your friends and fellow Catsters.

Here kitty kitty kitty!



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